Guide for Authors

Manuscript Preparation

Author should follow instruction given below for better paper preparation.

1) Author should strictly prepare his / her paper in .doc or .docx format only. The paper must contains full text including well described paper title, abstract, keywords, tables, figures, references.

2) Manuscript must be written only in English language. No other language will be acceptable.

3) Make paper title in 18 font Times New Roman, abstract in 09 font size, heading in 12 font size, references in 10 font size, table name or figure name in 08 font size.

4) Maximum 6 authors are allowed per paper.

5) All references should be numbered in square brackets in the text and listed in the REFERENCES section in the order they appear in the text, as shown below:

Journal Articles:

[1] D. R.-M. Kg, S. K. Kg and S. D. Liu, “Heat Source Analysis of Hard Disk Drives with Different Wall Conditions Using Infrared System,” Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2011, pp. 22-31.

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[3] S. Verdu, “Multi-User Detection,” Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998.

Edited Book:

[4] A. S. Prasad, “Clinical and Biochemical Spectrum of Zinc Deficiency in Human Subjects,” In: Prasad, A.S., Ed., Clinical, Biochemical and Nutritional Aspects of Trace Elements, Alan R. Liss, Inc., New York, 1982, pp. 5-15.

Conference Proceedings:

[5] L. Clare, G. Pottie and J. Agre, “Self-Organizing Distributed Sensor Networks,” Proceedings SPIE Conference Unattended Ground Sensor Technologies and Applications, Orlando, 1999, pp. 229–237.


[6] W. Heinzelman, “Application-Specific Protocol Architectures for Wireless Networks,” Ph.D. dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, 2000.


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